Punta del Este - A Hub of Surf, Sand, and Boutiques in Uruguay

Amin Andy Lakha is a respected entrepreneurial presence in the Bellevue, Washington, community and leads Lakha Investment Company, LLC. An avid traveler, Amin Andy Lakha enjoys visiting international destinations such as London, Cannes, and Rio De Janeiro. He is also a fan of Punta del Este, an Uruguayan seaside resort that combines boutique shops, “simple-chic” eateries, and white sand beaches.

The most popular neighborhood is La Barra, which encompasses stretches of beach such as surfer-friendly Montoya and sunbather filled Bikini. Jose Ignacio Beach is a hub for chill out sunset DJ sessions favored by locals and tourists alike. As the evening falls, tiki torches come out and create a vibrant, festive atmosphere. 

Punta del Este also offers a host of recreational offerings, such as horseback rides with a baqueano guide in the lush, hilly environs of Garz√≥n, a birdwatcher’s paradise. For those seeking local handicrafts, Avenida Gorlero offers a full selection of items at the “hippy market.” The work of noted designers is also on display in many shops. Those tired on their feet can enjoy sipping yerba mate at one of the many relaxed cafes lining the street.


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