Friday, January 27, 2017

Pacific Northwest Ballet School Divisions

Amin Andy Lakha has decades of experience in the real estate industry, beginning with his role as Puget Sound Stations in 1991, and currently serves as the CEO of Lakha Investments, where he has packaged more than $1 billion in loans. In addition to his real estate work, Amin Andy Lakha is involved in the support of a variety of community organizations, including the Pacific Northwest Ballet.

Founded in 1972, the Pacific Northwest Ballet maintains about 50 dancers and performs more than 100 times each year. The ballet’s primary location is Marion Oliver McCaw Hall in Seattle, but the group has toured across the world to locations such as Europe and Taiwan. In addition to its ongoing performances, the ballet operates a school.

The Pacific Northwest Ballet School was founded in 1974, two years after the ballet itself came into existence. The school, which can accommodate more than 1,000 students, is structured with three age divisions: the children's division, student division, and professional division. The children's division introduces music and movement to pre-kindergarten through age 7. The student division is designed for older children across eight levels of proficiency, as determined by a pre-admission assessment. The professional division is for the oldest and most accomplished students planning a professional career in ballet.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Molecular Gastronomy and the Kitchen of the Future

Amin Andy Lakha serves as CEO of Lakha Investments, where he pursues real estate investments throughout Washington State. With a passion for fine dining, Amin Andy Lakha has a particular interest in molecular gastronomy, which involves using scientific methods to deconstruct food and measure the interactions of ingredients as they are combined and cooked.

This approach to food was pioneered by HervĂ© This, in the conviction that the “kitchen of the future” will contain component parts of foods, rather than whole ingredients. For example, containers of ingredients for cooking will be arranged as powders and liquids according to their makeup at the molecular level, such as amino acid, sucrose, glucose, and cellulose.

As featured in The Atlantic, This has further refined his approach to “note-by-note recipes,” which utilize chemical compounds as a way of avoiding food waste and ensuring that food can be delivered to the maximum number of people on a crowded planet. Classic cooking techniques such as baking and frying are combined with novel methods such as spherification and dehydration. In addition, ingredients are chosen that fulfill the same function as familiar ones. For example, pasta is replaced by powdered wheat starch, and heavy cream with the seaweed extract carrageenan.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Aga Khan Development Network School Partners with UofT

Based in Bellevue, Washington, Amin Andy Lakha serves as the chief executive officer and principal of Lakha Investments, where over the last 20 years he has acquired and developed more than 40 properties totaling 10 million square feet of retail and office space. Apart from his real estate career, Amin Andy Lakha is a supporter of the Aga Khan Development Network. 

In late 2016, the University of Toronto (UofT) and the University of Central Asia (UCA) announced a partnership that will see the two schools collaborate in various areas, including curriculum, faculty development, and research efforts. 

As the opening initiative of the partnership, UofT will develop leading-edge curriculum for UCA’s undergraduate computer science program. According to a UCA representative, the Central Asian school’s students will benefit from the new curriculum, which comes from an institution in the University of Toronto that boasts one of the 10 best computer science programs in the world.

In addition to computer science, UCA plans to offer undergraduate majors in engineering sciences, economics, business and management, Earth and environmental sciences, and communications and media.

UCA is an academic partner of the Aga Khan Development Network. The school was founded in 2000 with the signing of the International Treaty and Charter by the presidents of Tajikistan, the Kyrgyz Republic, and Kazakhstan, alongside His Highness the Aga Khan.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Seahawks Quarterback Partners with SAG to Help Build Arena in Seattle

As the CEO of Bellevue, Washington-based Lakha Investments, Amin Andy Lakha oversees management of the property management company’s real estate portfolio and day-to-day operations and negotiates new leases while dispatching numerous additional professional obligations. An avid professional football fan during his free time, Amin Andy Lakha pays particularly close attention to the Seattle Seahawks and Russell Wilson, who is his favorite quarterback.

Russell Wilson recently figured in the headlines when he publicly announced his partnership with the Sonics Arena Group (SAG). An arena investment group, SAG has been eyeing Seattle as a possible location for its next big-scale project: an arena that will house an NBA and an NHL franchise.

Mr. Wilson has been always been vocal about his desire to revive the Seattle SuperSonics, but it was only when he confirmed his partnership with SAG that he made his involvement in the effort official. In a statement, Russell Wilson expressed hopes that bringing a world-class arena to the Emerald City will have a positive impact on today’s youth and for many generations to come.