Pacific Northwest Ballet School Divisions

Amin Andy Lakha has decades of experience in the real estate industry, beginning with his role as Puget Sound Stations in 1991, and currently serves as the CEO of Lakha Investments, where he has packaged more than $1 billion in loans. In addition to his real estate work, Amin Andy Lakha is involved in the support of a variety of community organizations, including the Pacific Northwest Ballet.

Founded in 1972, the Pacific Northwest Ballet maintains about 50 dancers and performs more than 100 times each year. The ballet’s primary location is Marion Oliver McCaw Hall in Seattle, but the group has toured across the world to locations such as Europe and Taiwan. In addition to its ongoing performances, the ballet operates a school.

The Pacific Northwest Ballet School was founded in 1974, two years after the ballet itself came into existence. The school, which can accommodate more than 1,000 students, is structured with three age divisions: the children's division, student division, and professional division. The children's division introduces music and movement to pre-kindergarten through age 7. The student division is designed for older children across eight levels of proficiency, as determined by a pre-admission assessment. The professional division is for the oldest and most accomplished students planning a professional career in ballet.


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